Rome, the Eternal City, needs more than a few days to see it all!

Rome, the Eternal City, needs more than a few days to see it all!
In fact, it might take a lifetime. I still make a “bucket list” every time I return to see something I haven’t seen before.
I’m taking a group to Rome for three days on my 11 Day Tour of Italy from Sept.15-29, 2022. We will be spending 3 nights in Rome. On one of these days, I take my group on a 2-hour tour of the city. As the Romans say, “Fare Il Cicerone” play the orator! I explain the city as we travel from place to place. We also are scheduled to make stops for visits, like St. Paul Outside the Walls (burial place of St. Paul the Apostle, St. Peter’s in Chains, and if time permits St. John in the Lateran. The highlight would be going to the Aventine hill to look through a keyhole, that’s right a Keyhole! In the gardens of the Knights of Malta! You will be surprised at what you will see!
After the driver drops us off at the Coliseum, where you can enter for a visit, first you should obtain tickets online, the lines are long.
After a short visit to the Coliseum, we do an afternoon walking tour of central Rome, first stopping for lunch and then visiting iconic spots like the Trevi fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona.
Sound exciting? Then, come join me on this adventure!

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