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I believe that travel should be made easy for the traveler so that he or she can travel without worries. That’s the CREDO at AlfredoToursItaly.
I pave the way for all my clients to enjoy a trip with everything set up for them beforehand. I pick the hotels, usually 3 or 4 stars, I pick the ristoranti or trattoria for meals. I set up the transportation while in Italy, whether it’s an air-conditioned bus or an Freccia train.
I also recommend and set up side trips & “play” the tour guide where possible.
I believe that a trip should be designated as “Land Days” excluding the travel days so that when you divide that cost by the land days you get a true per diem cost. An average tour would cost  between $300-$400 per diem:
I believe that when you compare my tours with other’s you have to compare apples to apples, for example how many dinners and lunches are included, are tips included, is water on the table included.
These are all questions that when answered make a difference as to the value you get for your dollar. Please see FAQ’s below for answers.

Create Your Own Grand Tour of Italy

Any Dates Of Your Choosing 
Up To 14 LAND DAYS Of Your Choosing

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AlfredotoursItaly offers many services. I do group tours from 16 to 40 to almost every area of Italy. These are private guided tours of Italy with a personal touch.
I also have a wonderful villa in Tuscany,
Where I take my customers for a wonderful relaxing week exploring the historic lands of Lucca, Pisa, Florence & Siena.
I especially enjoy taking people on tours of Rome, which I divide into 3 days of touring, first day: Christian Rome, second day: Ancient Rome, third day: Renaissance and Baroque Rome.
I also offer a trip planning service & vacation packages where I will set up your personalized tour with hotels, transportation, things to do & a list of my favorite eateries.
Just like my motto says: Travel with “Alfredo, he knows Italy”

I think it’s more honest to leave out the travel day.So that when you divide the cost by the land days you get a
true per diem cost.

When we go out to eat you will be able to choose from a reduced ala carte menu where you can choose two items, be it; appetizer *& pasta or pasta & entrée ect..

If you can’t eat what is being served, we can have the kitchen prepare you something in accordance of your health or dietary needs. You have to let us know ahead of time about your needs.

Water will be served on the table. Any other beverage like wine, soda or caffe must be paid for when served.

All my bus services are air-conditioned vehicles.
Because of European & Italian regulations a bus can only be out for a total of 12 hours per diem. So that, if we want to take a side trip it would depend on the time limits that the driver is restricted.

As part of the applications I ask if you have any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Knowing this, I will contact each ristorante so that you will have a meal that is consistent with your needs.

Traveling by train can be very relaxing. The most stressful part of the experience is getting on to the train with luggage. Once in your reserved seat you can use the internet, charge your devices, go to the dinning car to buy food, or pack a lunch. Each car has a clean bathroom.

Usually a service charge is included in the cost of your meal. If I’m satisfied with the service and if the waiter doesn’t try to tell me that service is not included, I will leave a 10% tip. I do remember seeing Italians leaving the coin change on the table. Always check your menu for service charge. At a bar I leave .10 euro with my ticket for a coffee.

Yes, I include or collect a tip for the bus driver, the water taxi drivers in Venice, porters, waitstaff in ristorante & guide.

The common consensus is 3 euros per day per person. Therefore a 10-day trip would be 30 euros. From there monies I distribute to the drivers, taxi guys, porters, guides & waitstaff.

Some people do give a tip to the tour leader; however, it is not mandatory.

Italy’s Autostrada has wonderful rest stops with great     ristorante and café. If you want to order at the bar a caffe, cappuccino, tea, or a panini, you first have to go to the CASSA give the cashier your order, take the ticket to the bar and tell the barista what you want in your best Italian!
If you want a meal in the dinner room you go to the various stations get your meal (there are pasta, salad & entrée stations) your beverage and pay as your exit. The rest stop is set up so that in order to exit you have to walk around all the aisles. They do this in the hope that you will do some shopping.

I recommend that everyone fly on the same flight from the U.S. so that we all arrive on time especially if we have to make a connecting flight. If, for example, our first night is in Rome and you come on a different flight that is not at the same time as the main flight, then it is your responsibility to get a car service to the hotel. I can set that up for you. On the last day when we return to the airport, I will supply a bus to take everyone back as a group.

The major cities in Italy have extensive transportation routes. Rome has many bus lines and 2 Subway lines. Tickets are easy to purchase for one trip or for a day or more. Milan is the same. Venice, has a water bus system called Vaporetti which are each to fine and use, especially on the Grande Canale or to go to the various islands in the lagoon

No matter where you travel you have to consider your safety. Always carry your valuables, like money & credit cards, in either a fanny pack or in a pocket that has a sipper. I wear a multi-pocket vest where I can conceal my monies, passport & credit cards. Try not to wear valuable jewelry like necklaces’ that can be easily accessed by thieves.
Be attentive especially in crowds and on public transportation like buses & subways. The thieves of today are not the rag clad types from years ago. They are well dresses & work in gangs.


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1) Initial deposit of $1,000 on signing up.
2) $500 non- refundable
3) Second payment ½ of Balance due in 30 days
4) Final Payment due 60 days before the departure
Payments can be made by check made out to Alfredo de Bonis: Mailed to P.O. Box 191 Milltown N.J. 08850,
Payment dates may change according to the booking and travel date.

Cancellation Fees
1) More than 60 days the non-refundable portion will be retained
2) 60-16 days prior to departure: 30 % of land price
3) 15- 1 days prior to departure: 50% of land price
4) Day of departure: 100% of land price

For your convenience, we offer a Travelex Insurance Services protection plan to help protect you and your travel investment against the unexpected. For more information on the available plans click here or contact Travelex Insurance 800-228-9792 and reference location number 30-0346.