Lucca is a city of Roman Origin.

Lucca is a city of Roman Origin. Its design follows the classic Castrum form of a Roman camp with two Cardi intersecting in the Forum. That intersection is located at the Church of San Michele in Foro. It also had an amphitheater, which forms you can still see today. The First Triumvirate, of Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus, was formed here in Lucca.
Its walls were never breached during its long history. Only Napoleon, as he approached with his Grand Arme, was able to enter the city without a fight.
Remembered as the city of a hundred churches, a legend recounts the story of Matilda of Canossa, the countess that defended the pope at her castle in Canossa the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry IV, was forced to do penance in the snow for 3 days.
Matilda, asked that her reward should be that she be ordained a priest. The pope agreed, but first, she had to build 100 churches in Lucca. The story goes that she arrived at 99 and then died!
The beauty of Lucca is walking around to see its many churches especially the Duomo, San Martino, and San Michele. To enjoy its cuisine and interact with her friendly people.
Just a note: three famous composers were born in Lucca, Luigi Boccherini, Alfredo Catalani, and the giant Giacomo Puccini. Both Puccini and Boccherini were from musical families in Lucca.
I often walk around the city humming the many memorable tones of Puccini
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