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About Alfredo


I was born and raised in New Jersey to an Italian American family of Calabrese, Lucano & Cilento origins.
I attended a Catholic Elementary school in New Brunswick and my high school years at New Brunswick High. Accepted into St. Peter’s College in Jersey City N.J. a Jesuit school, I received a classical education doing minors in theology and Latin. I was chosen to represent the school at the Univerita’ Cattolica di Milano for my Junior Year Abroad from 1966-67. Here I studied Medieval and church histories, Italian and paleographic, the study of ancient scripts.

After being graduated from college I started to teach at the Catholic High school of St. Peter in…………..

Upcoming Tours!

1st. Trip to Sicily in May
2nd Trip: Byzantine Heritage
3rd Trip: Venice, Modena, Siena, Ischia & Rome
4th Trip: My All Tuscany 13 Land Days tour

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